Minutes April 18th

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Minutes April 18th

Post by angelmitchellbrading on Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:05 pm

Thank you Annette..... April !8th
Present: Andrea, Angel, Annette, Jenn, Joanie, Debbie, Tracie, Donna, Jamie, Sylvia, Mary, Carmen, Lisa, Marie, Stacey, Sue, Tammy, Dar

Regrets: Amanda, Mary Ann, Jillian, Michelle

Last minutes accepted as presented.

DISCUSSION: Although not quite as expected, the patch is loved as is. Patches distributed at end of meeting. Rose at Parker's Cleaners, located at 88 Gordon, will sew the patch on while you wait for $10. Up and coming may be smaller lapel type patches - just GRIP, Ontario? Also to look into mugs, pins and men's wear for support of group. Cafe Press is an option for further supportables.

DISCUSSION: Patch wearer rules: current rules are that you are to have a license, insurance and running bike on the road. Would like to add one more rule of no drugs on anyone when riding as a group. Seemed to be a general consensus on this.

DISCUSSION: DAR's ride. This is happening on May 2nd as the first GRIP ride. This is going to be a HUGE ride!!! Tickets are sold out. The orange ones will permit you into the bar, the green ones are for outdoor entertainment only. RCR will be riding with us....behind! Wink lolMeetings spots and times are:
kick stands up at 8:30 am at Angel's house
kick stands up at 9:00 am at the Change of Pace in Morriston (30 Queen St)
Kick stands up at 9:30am at Clappison's corner (at the Tim Horton's?)

DISCUSSION: Rides list handed out. Not all ride necessary to attend. Would like to focus on member oriented rides such as Ride for Pregeria in Kincardine June 26 (Amanda Mayhew) and Chapman's ride on August 8 where they're trying to break a record for number of riders?

DISCUSSION: Local motels are available in Guelph. Close to Angel is the Parkview Motel on Woolwich and the Comfort Inn and Super 8 at Silvercreek and Woodlawn.

DISCUSSION: Nicknames, does anyone want to use one? Angel's blue angel story. Very Happy

DISCUSSION: Tattoo party by Paul Vicary from Dermagraphics. To be arranged at the next meeting.

DISCUSSION: Website has been re-vamped. GRIP member access to be provided to post pics and read minutes and agendas. A way of limiting the number of GRIP emails sent out. Angel to check out if we can add a forum to the site.

DISCUSSION: GRIP, Portland, Oregon. Angel to get in touch with them to introduce ourselves. Connections with this group could prove beneficial for ride contacts. Possibly even arrange a ride with/to them?

DISCUSSION: Ontario Federation of Riders. A group to help fight laws as a whole. Possible fee for joining.

DISCUSSION: HOSPICE - support ride for HOSPICE Hamilton and Guelph? Bike wash? Also Habitat for Humanity project on York Road is a woman build. Marie is going to a meeting regarding this on Wednesday and will provide more information next meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Friday June 4 @ 7:00pm at the Red Chevron, 34 Elizabeth Street, Guelph.

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