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Post by angelmitchellbrading on Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:03 pm

March 27th Meeting:
Present: Jillian, Tracie, Stacey, Joanie, Carmen, Amber, Darlene, Jenn, Annette, Kim, Mary Ann, Marie, Lisa, Angel, Andrea
Present via conference call: Jan and Jolene

DISCUSSION: Purpose of the group/club - an opportunity for women to connect with one another and ride together. From time to time the members will ride as a group and as individuals the women will have a list of fellow women riders with whom they can ride at any other time. There will be no club dues or other financial requirements.

DISCUSSION: Rules for wearing the patch - i) must have a valid license; must have active insurance; must have a roadworthy and running bike. This is not intended to exclude female supporters of the club who do not yet ride their own, but rather to maintain the credibility of the club.

DISCUSSION: Group Name - agreed that name of club will be G.R.I.P (Girls Riding Independently Proud) Cost of patch shall be about $30.00 for those wishing one. Colours - Black with Silver Wings; Script shall be pink/fuschia.
ACTION: Angel to make the following changes to the patch - i) replace "Bad Girl" with "Ontario" ii) "Girls Riding Independently Proud" to be inserted around the tire
ACTION: Patches to be ordered and possibly t-shirts and/or tanks for warmer weather

DISCUSSION: Meetings - shall alternate between the last Saturday and the last Sunday of the month. Attendance at meetings will not be mandatory however, it is requested that the members stay connected in other ways. For example, sending regrets to meetings, connect with another member of the group who can convey to the rest of the group that you are still part of the group, dial into the meeting via the conference call number provided by Angel. It is recognized that women are caretakers and as such we are all busy and may have other commitments such as work, children etc. which can limit one's ability to participate in every activity.

DISCUSSION: Club resources - at present members can connect via the facebook page. Only members of the group can view the postings on this page due to privacy settings. Members of the club may refer any female rider that they know. These women may request membership via the facebook page. The administrators (Angel, Annette, Andrea) can approve any requests. All members are officers on the facebook page. A DL list with contact information will be distributed to the members. This is a private list and not intended to be shared outside the group. Members can check the facebook page for upcoming rides.
ACTION: Andrea will post the rides to the facebook page. Any rider with information of a ride not listed on this page, shall forward the information to Andrea for posting.
ACTION: Angel will develop a website for the club which only members can access.

DISCUSSION: First group ride - Sunday, May 2, 2010 - Benefit Ride for Darlene Jackson. A meeting point to ride to this event as a group will be determined at the next meeting. Members are asked to consider also riding as a club on August 8, 2010 the Chapman Ride for a Cure - both events are posted on the facebook page.

NEXT MEETING: At Angel's house, Sunday, April 18th at 11:00 am to 1pm Ride to follow weather permitting.
The club patch will be available for purchase at this meeting

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